The course targets current QA managers and leaders in higher education institutions, who have been active in national and regional networks and have a clear commitment to increasing African continental collaboration and practice sharing in this field.

One of the HAQAA2 activities is the training component on internal quality assurance (IQA), will be led by DAAD working together in conjunction with the strategic regional partners (IUCEA, CAMES, SARUA, CNAQ, NAQAAE, ANAQ-Sup). The course addresses QA professionals in higher education institutions (HEIs) in Africa, building on the results of HAQAA1 training courses that have strengthened the importance of continental level training.

HAQAA2 aims to utilise the expertise of relevant regional institutions and stakeholders by integrating them in the training process, the selection of participants, co-hosting of events and regional adaptation of course materials and methods. The IQA training on regional frameworks and specifically the ASG-QA will deal with both challenges and opportunities while taking into account different national and institutional environments and contexts. The course shall be delivered in a blended-learning format, starting with two online-seminars, followed by a week‐long face-to-face seminar. Graduates of the course may apply for dissemination projects afterwards to multiply knowledge at national or regional level.

National authorities submit their nominations of a maximum of four candidates from to haqaa@daad.deby 31st July 2020. For more information and how to apply, please download the call for applications here.