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HAQAA2 Final Conference

The Harmonisation of African Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation (HAQAA2) Initiative has been an

HAQAA2 Activities Updates

      i.         HAQAA2 Advisory Board meeting, ACTS Re-launch and PDU Development Team meeting, Abidjan, 7

Second session of the webinar series “The Africa-EU Summit and the higher education sector: Implications, opportunities and next steps”

About This virtual webinar series is being organised as an immediate follow-up to the Africa-EU

HAQAA2 Management Team and Policy Data Unit (PDU) Development Team Meeting in Barcelona

The HAQAA2 consortium organized a Management Team (MT) meeting in Barcelona, Spain hosted by OBREAL

HAQAA2 PDU Development Team meeting – 06th september 2021

The first meeting of the Policy Development Unit (PDU) Development Team took place virtually on

HAQAA Ambassadors relaunch their network for 2021

A kick-off meeting to revitalize and reinforce the role of ‘HAQAA Ambassadors’ took place virtually

HAQAA Ambassadors Kick Off Meeting

The HAQAA Ambassadors Kick Off Meeting takes place on January 21st The meeting is being

Focus Group discussion and consultancy visits to Ministries Of Higher Education

In September 2020, the HAQAA2 Initiative held three focus groups to explore the experiences from