CESA Higher Education In Focus: Call for participation

We would like to announce the CESA Higher Education in Focus series of events which will take place between May and June.

This online event series will be part of the groundwork for the development of a “Policy Data Unit” in Africa, which will be a new approach to generating comparable higher education data across the continent, rooted closely in the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) and the structures that surround it. It is organized by the AAU, with the support of OBREAL Global and in close collaboration with the CESA Higher Education Sub-Cluster coordinators, through the HAQAA2 initiative.

The events, which will examine different priority topics of the CESA Higher Education Cluster, will have a common thread linked to data collection for policy making. They will feed into the AAU General Conference in July 2021, where a session will be dedicated to HAQAA2 and the PDU concept will be presented to Vice-Chancellors in Africa. This will further inspire a ‘PDU Development Team’, which will be mandated to work towards the PDU set-up and methodological approach in 2022.

CESA Higher Education in Focus events are organized as round table discussions, webinars and debates predicated on break-out groups work. Each event requires pre-registration and is open to all relevant higher education stakeholders in Africa. Specific target audiences may be indicated in the event descriptions. Interpretation is provided in French, English and Portuguese, to facilitate the participation of different linguistic groups across Africa.

Registration is open!

About CESA  – Continental Education Strategy for Africa

The raison d’être of CESA is that education has long been recognized as a critical sector whose performance directly affects and even determines the quality and magnitude of Africa’s development. The obvious and palpable message of CESA is the need for all education sectors in Africa to play a critical role in the continental search for sustainable development. The CESA Higher Education Cluster was therefore created to achieve the strategic objectives of CESA in the area of HE. More information

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