This online event series will be part of the groundwork for the development of a “Policy Data Unit” in Africa, which will be a new approach to generating comparable higher education data across the continent, rooted closely in the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) and the structures that surround it. It is organized by the AAU, with the support of OBREAL Global and in close collaboration with the CESA Higher Education Sub-Cluster coordinatorsthrough the HAQAA2 initiative.

The events, which will examine different priority topics of the CESA Higher Education Cluster, will have a common thread linked to data collection for policy making. They will feed into the AAU General Conference in July 2021, where a session will be dedicated to HAQAA2 and the PDU concept will be presented to Vice-Chancellors in Africa. This will further inspire a ‘PDU Development Team’, which will be mandated to work towards the PDU set-up and methodological approach in 2022.

CESA Higher Education in Focus events are organized as round table discussions, webinars and debates predicated on break-out groups work. Each event requires pre-registration and is open to all relevant higher education stakeholders in Africa. Specific target audiences may be indicated in the event descriptions. Interpretation is provided in French, English and Portuguese, to facilitate the participation of different linguistic groups across Africa.


About CESA  – Continental Education Strategy for Africa

The raison d’être of CESA is that education has long been recognized as a critical sector whose performance directly affects and even determines the quality and magnitude of Africa’s development. The obvious and palpable message of CESA is the need for all education sectors in Africa to play a critical role in the continental search for sustainable development. The CESA Higher Education Cluster was therefore created to achieve the strategic objectives of CESA in the area of HE. More information

About HAQAA2

HarmonisationQuality Assurance and Accreditation in African Higher Education (HAQAA) is an initiative that has been established to support the development of a harmonised quality assurance and accreditation system at institutional, national, regional and Pan-African continental level. It is funded by the European Union Commission, in the context of the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership. Phase one (HAQAA1) was implemented from 2016-2018. HAQAA 2 (2019 – 2022) is intended to build upon, upscale and promote the results of HAQAA1. Part of HAQAA2’s remit is to support the CESA and the realization of its objectives in higher education. More information

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6 May 2021 – 12h / GMT

Towards the Development of a Continental Database for Effective Policy Formulation on CESA (HE) Initiatives

CESA Sub-cluster on Harmonisation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation 

This webinar aims to launch a process of seeking sustainable solutions to weak data-driven policies in Africa, to document case studies of exemplary practices in the collection of reliable data and to contribute to the establishment of a Policy-Data Unit, supported by the Association of African Universities and other important African higher education associations at regional level.

This webinar is based on the report of an Online survey of  “Challenges, Prospects and Good Practices in Reliable Data Collection for Education Development and Policy Formulation in Africa”, which has been conducted to prime this event.  

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Prof. Juma Shabani

Director of the PhD school / University of Burundi

Prof. Peter Okebukola 

President / GUNI Africa

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Plenary session and Group discussions

12 May 2021 – 14h/ GMT 

Preparing Higher Education Students for a Complex World: Exploring the Fluidity of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Post-COVID

CESA Sub-Cluster On Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The presentation and small group discussions will explore what the age of COVID is teaching us about rethinking and reimagining higher education at every level, from institutional structures all the way down to the course modules we teach, the tasks we assign and the problems we pose on assessments? What, finally, do we need to do if we are to develop graduates who have the abilities—and the motivations—to take thoughtful risks as they tackle the complicated problems of a dynamic world? The target audience is higher education practitioners, including academics and students.

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Dr Charmaine B. Villet

Dean / Faculty of Education, University of Namibia

Prof Paul Hanstedt

Director  / Houston Centre for Teaching and Learning
Washington and Lee University

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20 May 2021 – 10h/ GMT 

Expert Consultative Roundtable on Transitioning from Distance Learning and E-learning in Higher Education in West Africa

CESA Sub-Cluster On Open, Distance, Online Education And Flexible Learning Of AAU

The Expert Consultative Roundtable, which is expected to be the first of five regional webinars with a current focus on West Africa, will bring together stakeholders in Higher Education to discuss strategies for transitioning from the current distance learning practices to eLearning and blended learning modes post-COVID. A minimum of 150 participants is expected for the webinar with translation provided in English, French and Portuguese. The final report on the webinar will be delivered at the COREVIP in July, 2021.

Download the agenda of the event!


Prof. Olugbemero Jegede

Prof. Emeritus / Open University of Nigeria

Prof. Goski Alabi

President / Laweh Open University

Prof. Olivia Kwapong

Dean, School of Continuing and Distance Education / University of Ghana

Prof. Rotimi Ogidan

Full Prof., Guidance and Counselling Education Faculty / National Open University of Nigeria

Mr. Peter Kodjie

Secretary-General / All African Students Union

Dr. Teresa Mwoma

Executive Director / African Council for Distance Education

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26 May 2021 – 09h/ GMT

Strengthening personal, leadership development and work readiness of graduates in African universities

CESA Sub-Cluster On Student Affairs

This webinar aims to contribute towards the strengthening of student affairs practice and its offerings in higher education, in order to enhance student success, critical civic engagement, and personal and leadership development of African graduates. Key questions to explore include: (1) how far are Student Affairs practitioners in African Universities using other sites of learning to develop African graduates and to prepare them for critical and engaged citizenship. And, (2) how do we take advantage of the latest technological advances to design, implement and recognise learning and development outside the formal classroom?


Dr. Michael Boakye-Yiadom

Director-General / University of Cape Coast

Prof. Vishwas Satgar

Associate Professor of International Relations / Wits University

Dr. Matete Madiba

Director: Student Affairs / University of Pretoria

Mr. Kwesi Acquah Samr

Association of African Universities

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10 June 2021 – 12h/ GMT 

Industry-Academia Collaboration and Technology Transfer in Africa

CESA Sub-Cluster On Research and Graduate Studies

This webinar which is targeted at the leaders and other stakeholders in the academia and the industry, is aimed at discussing collaborations between the academic and the industry and how to improve it. It will involve a presentation on Industry-Academia Collaboration and Technology Transfer by Prof. Olusola Oyewole, followed by a Round Table discussion, involving representatives of the Industries and University from South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria, on the expectations of the universities from the industries and vice-versa. The discussion will also address the needs, availability and sources of data to better support policy decisions related to enhanced university-industry cooperation.



Prof. Olusola Oyewole

Coordinator / CESA Sub-cluster on Research and Graduate Studies

Mrs Aderonke Aderinoye

Lanaa snacks and confectionary Ltd, Lagos State

Prof. Obadina Adewale Olusegun

Head of Department, Food Science and Technology / Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Prof. Abdul-Rasaq Adesola Adebowale

Former Director, Directorate of Research, Innovations and Partnerships / Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Dr. Yemisi Adefunke Jeff-Agboola

Secretary-General / University of Medical Sciences Ondo State

Emma Phillips

Delispices, South Africa

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29 June 2021 – 12h/ GMT 

University Leadership and Management in the Era of COVID-19

CESA Sub-Cluster on Leadership and Management

This webinar is intended to create an opportunity for executive and senior institutional leaders and managers to share their experiences and sound practices in managing their institutions in the aftermath of Covid-19. It also attempts to identify leadership and management opportunities in Africa and explores their profile and implications in a comparative global perspective.



Dr. Bizu Gelaye

Harvard University, USA

Prof. Ahmed Bawa

Universities South Africa. SOUTH AFRICA

Asso. Prof. Wondwosen Tamrat

Saint Mary’s University, ETHIOPIA

Prof. Ernest Aryeetey

African Research Universities Alliance, GHANA

Prof. N. V. Varghese

Vice Chancellor, National University of Educational Plannning and Administration, INDIA

Asso. Prof. Ronald Bisaso

Makerere University, UGANDA

Prof. Belay Kassa

Vice Rector, Pan African University, CAMEROON

Prof. Mike Kuria

Deputy Executive Secretary, IUCEA, UGANDA

Prof. Afework Kassu

State Minister, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, ETHIOPIA

Prof. Damtew Teferra


Prof. Christine Dranzoa

Muni University, Uganda/ Dip. On Modern Management & Admin, (Uganda)

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