Training Material

This website comprises a compendium of material developed as part of the HAQAA2 training course IQA-4-Africa – From Pan-African Policy to Practice. The material collated here provides an overview of core topics of higher education and quality management from an international perspective and offers the possibility to use further material to deepen the respective topics. The six modules were developed by the Wandelwerk – Centre for Quality Assurance and Enhancement of FH Münster University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with international experts in higher education and quality management Prof. Dr. Kayode Adekeye (WAAQAN), Prof. Dr. Joseph Aka Hepkanjin (CAMES), Dr. Youhansen Eid (NAQAAE), Prof. Dr. Tashmin Khamis (EAQAN), Dr. Jeffy Mukora (CNAQ), Bella Sattar (SARUA). The six modules cover the following topics:

How to use the HAQAA2 training material

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00 Preface and Regional Case Study

Foreword Cohort 4
Foreword CNAQ
Foreword SARUA
Regional Case Study Cohort 4
Regional Case Study: Quality Assurance Development in the SADC
Foreword Cohort 1
Foreword IUCEA
Foreword NAQAAE

Regional Case Study Cohort 1
IUCEA Regional Case Study