Welcome to Module 2: Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions

The module provides a basic introduction to quality management at universities and presents various models of internal quality assurance systems. Before exploring the individual sections, we ask you to read the Introduction first. Please click here to download the file

2005_Donabedian_Evaluating the Quality of Medical Care
2007_Dill_Quality assurance in higher education
2007_Venkatraman_A framework for implementing TQM
2008_Van Kemenade et al._More Value to Defining Quality
2010_IUCEA_A Road Map to Quality_Vol 3_Self-Assessment_Institutions
2010_IUCEA_A Road Map to Quality_Vol 4_Implementation_QMS
2010_Moen; Norman_Circling Back Clearing up myths about the Deming cycle
2012_Sá_Quality in Higher Education
2015_Brokerhoff et al._Quality in higher education_A literature-review
2015_Zavale_Main Features and Challenges
2016_Niedermeier_TrainIQA Designing Effective QMS
2016_Niedermeier_TrainIQA_Conception de GQ
2016_Randhahn; Ganseuer_TrainIQA Quality Management and its Linkages
2016_Randhahn;Ganseuer_GQ et ses liens
2017_AlHamad; Aladwan_Internally Driven Quality Assurance
2017_Cardoso_Internal qualiry assurance
2017_Ganseuer; Pistor_From Tools to an Internal Quality Assurance System
2017_Kuria; Marwa_Shaping Internal Quality Assurance from a Triple Heritage
2017_Lamagna et al._The Effects of Internal Quality Assurance
2017_Lange; Kriel_Integrating Internal Quality Assurance at a Time of Transformation
2017_Martin; Parikh_Quality management in higher education developments and drivers
2017_Reda_Balance Scorecard
2017_Vettori et al._Develpoing a Quality Culture
2017_Villalobos et al._Mainstreaming Internal Quality Assurance with Management
2017_Wu et al._Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Internal Quality Assurance
2018_Martin_Internal Quality Assurance and Employability-How to strengthen the education employment linkage
2018_Martin_Internal Quality Assurance_Enhancing higher education quality and graduate employability
2019_Martin_améliorer la qualité et l’employabilité des diplômés du supérieur
2019_SARR_Assurance qualité interne Methodologie-bonnes-Pratiques-CAMES
2020_Martin_Assurance qualité interne et employabilité
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