Welcome to Module 3: Evaluation as an Integral Part of Quality Assurance

The module introduces the basic topics of evaluation at universities. It deals with evaluation standards, operationalisation and questionnaire construction. Furthermore, it deals with the use of evaluation results. Before exploring the individual sections, we ask you to read the Introduction firstPlease click here to download the file

2000_Johnson_The authority of the student evaluation questionnaire
2003_Griffin_The development of an extended course experience questionnaire
2003_Rowley_Designing student feedback questionnaires
2006_Ross_The reliability, validity, and utility of self-assessment.
2008_DeGEval_ Recommendations on Education and Training in Evaluation
2012_Bryman_Social Research Methods
2014_Saris_Design, evaluation, and analysis of questionnaires for survey research
2016_Pistor_Stammen_Tools and Procedures for QA
2016_Rickards_Higher education evaluation, assessment, and faculty engagement
2018_JCSEE_Program Evaluation Standards
2020_African Evaluation Association_African Evaluation Guidelines
2020_Beatty_Advances in Questionnaire Design
2020_Pistor et al_Applying Graduate Tracer Studies
1996_AAU_Graduate Studies_Questionnaire
2009_KOAB_Graduate Studies_Questionnaire
2013_BetterEvaluation_Rainbow Framework_clusters
2014_BetterEvaluation_Rainbow Framework_compact version_en
2014_BetterEvaluation_Rainbow Framework_compact version_fr
2014_BetterEvaluation_Rainbow Framework_compact version_pt
2018_questionnaire evaluation des enseignements_2_fr
2018_questionnaire evaluation des enseignements_fr
2020_Course Evaluation Questionnaire_FH Münster
2020_Course Evaluation Questionnaires_Uni Duisburg-Essen