Welcome to Module 4: Study Programme Development

The module deals with outcome-based study programme development and provides concepts and methods as well as a series of case studies on programme development processes. Before exploring the individual sections, we ask you to read the Introduction firstPlease click here to download the file

1956_Bloom_Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
1986_Cowan_Logical Model for Curriculum Development
1995_Barr_From Teaching to Learning. A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education
2001_Anderson_A taxonomy for learning teaching and assessing. A Revision
2002_Krathwohl_A Revision of Bloom‘s Taxonomy
2003_Fink_Designing Courses for Significant Learning
2004_Bornmann_Programme review guidelines for quality assurance in higher education
2006_Adam_An Introduction to learning outcomes
2007_Kennedy_Writing and Using Learning Outcomes
2010_IUCEA_A Road map to Quality_Vol 1_Self Assessment Programme Level
2010_IUCEA_A Road Map to Quality_Vol 2_External Assessment Programme Level
2011_Biggs_Teaching for quality learning at university 4th
2013_Gibbs_Learning by Doing
2014_Bandevica_Higher education study programme quality assessment
2016_Randhahn_Niedermeier_AQ de lenseignement
2020_The Aga Khan University and the sustainable development goals: Building on international partnerships to promote excellence_Khamis and Khamis
2020_Questioning the efficacy of quality assurance frameworks for teaching and learning: a case study from East Africa_Khamis and Scully
2001_Verb list_Blooms Taxonomy
2015_Schröder_Writing Learning Outcomes