Welcome to Module 6 : Change Management

The last module introduces the basics of change management. It can support university and quality managers in implementing change in their universities. Before exploring the individual sections, we ask you to read the Introduction firstPlease click here to download the file

1996_Klein_A management communication strategy for change
2002_Barrett_Change communication using strategic employee communication to facilitate major change
2005_Moodley_The management of the change
2008_Salem_The seven communication reasons organizations do not change
2011_Reissner et al_Story Metaphor and Management of Org Change
2013_Mader_Effective change management
2014_Brown_You can´t always get what you want
2015_Verhulst_Fostering the incorporation of sustainable development
2019_Antia Mayer Wilde_Managing Change at Universities
2008_Burtonshaw-Gunn_The Essential Management Toolbox_Chapter Change Management
2014_Welsh Goverment_Tools and Techniques for Change
2019_UC Berkeley_Change Management Toolkit
Analysis of concern
Cooperation profile
Key Player Identification