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      Let’s look for YouTube comments on Hadzy(first youtube comment finder
      ). It can search and locate comments on a YouTube video as well as browse, sort, and look over comments on YouTube. Next, let’s explore how Hadzy Can be used to find all of your YouTube comments.

      1. Go to hadzy website.

      2. Enter the target video’s URL and click the search icon.

      3. When it finds the desired video, it displays the video’s general details.

      4. Click on Upload Data.

      5. Select View Comments after loading the YouTube video’s data into HADZY

      check out the YouTube video’s comments in HADZY. At last, you’ll see every say posted to the desired video. There, you can also sort the comments according to their likes, replies, and posting dates.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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