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    <p>There has been a massive emphasis on creating areas in local communities in which the youth can be safe and enjoy activities that keep them out of trouble and learn. The emergence of skate parks across that world has seen these areas be hubs for youth culture and be a central part of the community.

    These parks encourage social activities but they more importantly give an opportunity for the next generation to learn a new sport in a vibrant culture. Skate parks are being invested into because of their proven attraction in youth culture, and can be a place where new friendships and careers are formed.</p> <p>With many areas being massively redeveloped to encourage new business and environments in which people can enjoy working, living and socializing, skate parks have become a serious community addition. Many districts and councils are now investing in such schemes that involve these parks as they are now aware of the providing community space for the next generation. Investment into skate culture has also encouraged these redevelopments, as leading brands offer support to new ideas and new ideas which encourage the development of skating; these brands include Nike SB, Adidas and Independent.</p> <p>This article takes a look at the Laguna Niguel Skate Park in Orange County, California.

    This skate park was built for the very reasons we have mentioned, to bring the community closer together and attract the youth culture to skating. Built in 2003, the park covers 22,000 square feet which includes a mixture of trannys, verticals and street terrain for a range of levels.
    This is a publicly owned skate park and is managed by the community so that the condition and supervision is of the highest standard.</p> <p>The park has been designed to offer some retro type terrain but also encompasses future designs so that all areas are covered.

    One of the great retro features is the snake style bank section which provides a great run off into banked sections and vertical bowls. There is also the customary street section of the park which provides numerous obstacles in which to offer tricks and practice.</p> <p>At Laguna Niguel there is a small annual fee of $20 for residents which covers the maintenance and up keep of the skate park.

    For non-residents there is a $60 annual pass and there is also $10 one time visitor pass for skaters from around the world to enjoy the design and test their skills against the local talent. The Laguna Niguel Skate Park is one of the best designed and facilitated skate parks in the world and if you are in the Orange County then it is definitely worth a visit.</p>

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