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      <br>July 15 (Reuters) – Governors from all 50 U.S.

      states have committed to funding a computer science curriculum at more schools after hundreds of executives including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates sent a letter this week urging action.<br> <br>The effort, announced on Thursday by the National Governors Association, was organized by the Seattle-based non-profit Code.org, which aims to provide computer science to students and Slot Online help them seek careers in technology.<br> <br>The executives in their letter called on the governors to update the school curriculum in each state to give students in every school access to computer science education.<br> <br>”When I was 13, computer science changed the course of my life. I was really lucky to have access to a computer that early on. I hope this initiative will give every student the same opportunity,” Bill Gates said in a tweet earlier this week.<br> <br>The governors signed the ‘Compact To Expand K-12 Computer Science Education’, committing to expanding access to computer science education through various strategies including funding and increasing participation from traditionally underserved populations.

      (Reporting by Mrinalika Roy in Bengaluru and Jeffrey Dastin in New York; Editing by Shailesh Kuber)<br>

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