The HAQAA Ambassadors Kick Off Meeting takes place on January 21st

The meeting is being called to revitalize and reinforce the role of HAQAA Ambassadors. It will take stock of current developments regarding Higher Education quality assurance in Africa and examine how the HAQAA1 training course has enabled the graduates to respond and contribute to Quality Assurance within the continent amid the current context of the global pandemic.

The specific objectives of the meeting are:

  • To discuss the role of the graduates in promoting the ASG-QA and PAQAF action lines and tools.
  • To priorities the deliverables, and ways of working for the HAQAA Ambassadors’ network.
  • To understand the needs of the African QA professionals’ network
  • To understand the current deliverables of the HAQAA2 initiative, and the opportunities provided for the ambassadors under the framework

This meeting is expected to be attended by: All HAQAA Training course graduates, HAQAA Implementing Team (OBREAL GLOBAL, AAU, DAAD and ENQA) and HAQAA regional strategic partners.

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