The HAQAA training component focused on training for quality assurance staff both at African higher education institutions (HEIs) – Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) – and from the Quality Assurance Agencies (QAA) or Ministries – External Quality Assurance (EQA). The trainings have been developed and coordinated in conjunction with the strategic regional partners (IUCEA, CAMES, SARUA, CNAQ, NAQAAE, ANAQ-Sup).

Regarding IQA Training, HAQAA2 utilised the expertise of relevant regional institutions and stakeholders by integrating them in the training design and process, the selection of participants, co-hosting of events and regional adaptation of course materials and methods. Regarding EQA Training, selected staff of participating agencies were trained to enhance their understanding of the ASG-QA and PAQAF, discuss the review methodology in more detail and prepare for the review.

Training courses for Internal Quality Assurance

The course addressed quality assurance professionals from higher education institutions (HEIs) in Africa, building on the results of the HAQAA1 training courses, which have reinforced the importance of continent-wide training.

The IQA training on regional frameworks and specifically the ASG-QA addressed both challenges and opportunities, while taking into account different national and institutional environments and contexts. The courses were all delivered online due to the pandemic and started with an onboarding session, two online seminars, followed by an online training week. Graduates of the course were subsequently able to apply for dissemination projects to multiply knowledge on a national or regional scale.

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MOOC Series on African Regional and Continental Integration and Cooperation in Higher Education

With the participation of leading African experts, HAQAA-2 produced a set of written Materials on African Regional and Continental Integration and Cooperation in Higher Education. A Pilot Course, which is comprised of a series of MOOCs, was launched on the same topic, exploiting these Materials.

The Materials’ and Course’s main objective was to promote innovative thinking and impactful action in Africa, from an African perspective, for the improvement and enhancement of African higher education.

The ultimate goal was favouring the setting up of a rejuvenated, motivated and creative Community of African scholars and practitioners committed to improve and enhance African higher education using the regional and continental frameworks.


QA agency reviews: Preparatory Training

The objective of the training was to familiarise the experts with the content, format and methodology of the review process. In addition, it provided the experts with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the ASG-QA and the broader policy context, in order to better contextualise the requirements of the agency reviews at the continental level.

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Training for External Quality Assurance

The virtual training was designed to support participating QA agency and ministry staff in preparing for the external reviews and consultancy visits in the framework of the HAQAA2 Initiative.

The training was divided into three parts: 1. ASG-QA and the agency review methodology, 2. The self-assessment phase, 3.The online site-visit

Each part of the training consisted of a mixture of expert presentations, case examples and discussion groups.

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