HAQAA2 was executed in a changing policy landscape, that was also greatly affected by the global pandemic. The initiative has adapted, in an attempt to respond to new demands that have arisen in the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership. For example,  the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), which aims to create a single continental market for goods and services, with free movement of business persons and investments, is a growing priority. Higher education harmonisation and integration is of direct relevance to the implementation of this agreement, as it paves the way for recognition of qualifications and degrees across borders and mobility and students, academic staff and professionals.

In light of this, the Policy Component of HAQAA2 was greatly enhanced, and within it, a more precise and timely approach to supporting CESA which included academic and public policy training activities which made a stronger contribution to realising the CESA objectives and also positioned HAQAA2 as a direct contribution to the AfCFTA from the angle of higher education. These activities are predicated on the assumption that quality assurance, which is that main subject of the HAQAA2 contract, is indeed an important piece of the continental integration picture, which must be contextualised and interlinked with other important areas (recognition of degrees and studies, mobility, etc.).

1. African Higher Education Policy Studies and Learning Materials

Research and the publication of studies, papers and ‘learning materials’ linked closely to the CESA higher education cluster and its goals, comprised of the following:

Study and learning materials on Comparative Regional Integration in higher education

Continental Education Strategy for Africa Higher Education Book Series


2. Training and professional development for higher education policy

The Comparative Regional Integration Study has fed into the development and piloting of a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) which over 100 African HE professionals and policy makers completed.

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3. Enhanced African data collection for higher education

Given that the CESA (Continental Strategy for Education in Africa) will reach its deadline in 2025, and the fact that comprehensive and consistent data on higher education across the African continent remains essentially missing, HAQAA2 supported a mapping of data collection practices and needs in higher education and produced a Road Map and Policy brief.

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