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The HAQAA QA Database is open to all interested parties in the quality assurance community, both within Africa and internationally. The Database is used for HAQAA2 mailings, disseminating the newsletter and advertising opportunities. All individuals that are invited to HAQAA2 events must register through the HAQAA website, which requires them to first be registered in the database.

Those interested in Quality Assurance but have no expertise skills are also invited to register on the database. Other international QA experts beyond the African continent that have a specific interest in African QA are also welcome to register.

The benefits of registering include:

  1. Participation in organised Quality Assurance forums
  2. Being part of a mailing list and receiving tailored information on Quality Assurance and on HAQAA more specifically
  3. Opportunities for learning and accessing resources on Quality Assurance
  4. Being part of a global community and getting first hand information about Quality Assurance initiatives and opportunities in Africa

Please fill this online form to be part of the Quality Assurance Database:

  • Name of Institution you are associated with with / Nom de votre Institution /Nome da Instituição com que você está associado
  • Your primary contact number / Numéro de telephone /O seu número principal de Contato
  • eg. Medicine, Education etc. / ex: La medicine , Enseignement etc. / por exemplo,Medicina, Educação etc.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Upload a photo of yourself. 300 pixels maximum width or height / Télécharger une de vos photos. 300 pixels de largeur ou de hauteur maximale / Carregar o seu retrato de 300 pixeis de largura ou altura máxima
  • Your Institutions website address / L’adresse du site Web de vos Institutions / O endereço do sítio web da sua Instituicão