Last 18 August 2020 and following the webinar on phase one of the HAQAA2 Initiative that was held on 5 August 2020, SARUA organised the HAQAA2 phase 2 webinar. Participants from universities within SADC had the opportunity to make inputs and discuss how SARUA should take these capacity development opportunities forward.

The webinar provided an overview of the Phase 2 of the HAQAA Initiative within the context of the key instruments that form part of the Pan-African Quality Assurance Framework (PAQAF), and explain the IQA capacity development opportunities that HAQAA 2 will provide.

During the virtual meeting, Elizabeth Colucci introduced the details of the HAQAA. Then, a presentation on the IQA capacity development under HAQAA2 presented by Ms. Berit Stoppa.

After that, a panel discussion was held to answer questions from the audience. The panel was formed by Dr. Jeffrey Mukora (CNAQ Mozambique), Mr. Peter Kwasi Kodjie (AASU), and Mr. Marcel FaaB (Center for Quality Development, ZfQ).