A Task Force has been convened to further the promotion and uptake of the ASG-QA. The tasks are as follows:

  • Conduct desk research on the impact of the first round of agency reviews and consultancy visits completed during HAQAA1
  • Interview agencies and experts that participated and come up with recommendations for improvements and adjustments in the next round of agency reviews that will take place under HAQAA2.
  • Debate the pending questions relevant to the agency reviews.
  • Develop the User’s Guide and Tool Kit for the implementation of the ASG‐QA in QA agencies and in universities, upon debating the appropriate for such a tool, which would respective the diversity of ways in which the ASG‐QA can be applied.

The Task Force members represent  key  organisations, have hands on experience in applying regional QA related principles and guidelines and in agency reviews, have knowledge of continental harmonisation processes in Africa, and possess technical knowledge regarding both IQA and EQA.