HAQAA2 Implementing Team

The HAQAA2 Implementing Team oversees, manages and supports the implementation of the second phase of the HAQAA initiative.

This initiative is implemented on behalf of the European and African Union Commissions by:

OBREAL Global is  the coordinator for It is a membership organisation of diverse, internationally‐oriented academic and research institutions, as well as individual researchers and professionals from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It’s mission to support South-South North partnerships for development. OBREAL Global guaranteed continuity from HAQAAA1 and brought extensive experience in regional intergation frameworks for higher education and quality assurance.

AAU is the only pan‐regional stakeholder body representing over 400 African universities in five African regions. It is the official implementing body of the African Union Commission’s strategy for Harmonisation in African higher Education and also has been hosting the AfriQAN secretariat since It supports institutional quality development as well as defining policies regarding higher education harmonisation. The AAU is also the entrusted official implementer and promoter of the African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM) ‐ one tool of the PAQAF – as mandated by the African Union Commission.

DAAD, a university membership body and higher education agency, has demonstrated impressive investment in higher education internationalisation in Germany and globally  and has a strategic commitment to development cooperation in higher It has a long experience in Africa and is one of the only European higher education agencies  that has invested in quality assurance training in higher education in different African regions over the course of the last decade. It has supported both the Eastern African Community as well as Western and Central Africa and SADC to advance in defining and applying regional quality assurance guidelines and in capacity development of quality agencies and institutions.

ENQA, which unites quality assurance agencies in the European Higher Education Area, is consultative member in the Bologna Follow‐up Group (BFUG) and the founding member of the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR). In addition providing a cooperation space for external quality assurance in Europe, it also engages in global dialogue and capacity building around the topic of quality assurance. It has coordinated the Technical Working Group that developed the ASG‐QA and the review methodology in the first phase of HAQAA and the pilot agency evaluations and consultancy visits of external quality

Regional Strategic Partners

The HAQAA2 Implementing Team has six strategic partnerships with key organisations in each of the five regions/linguistic groups of Africa. These organisations are operationally critical to execution of the initiative across the continent, in four official AU languages

The Regional Strategics partners are:

SARUA – Southern Africa: A regional university organisation that unites public and private universities in SADC. SARUA has a strategic partnership with SAQAN (the Southern African Quality Assurance Network) and has prioritised quality management in HEIs as one of its key strategic priorities. SARUA “enables collaborative networks and partnerships that develop the institutional and human capacity of the region’s universities in order to make a distinctive contribution to regional development and integration.

IUCEA – East Africa: A regional university association officially recognised and supported by the East African Community. It is the key stakeholder in the East African Higher Education Area and supports university quality enhancement via EAQAN, which it created, and the set‐up and further development of national QA systems and agencies in East Africa, according to East African standards and guidelines.

CAMES– West/Central Francophone Africa: An intergovernmental institution supporting universities in 17 countries in West and Central Francophone Africa in pursuit of higher education development. It runs capacity building programmes related to QA enhancement, accredits bachelors, masters, doctoral degrees and evaluates professors. CAMES is linked closely to a council of ministers of education in the region.

CNAQ – Mozambique (Lusophone): The National QA agency of Mozambique has been a champion of the continental harmonisation agenda and is strategic partner for Lusophone Africa.

NAQAAE – Egypt/North Africa: The national accreditation agency for education in Egypt gas also been a champion for continental integration in quality assurance and contributed extensively to the development and translation of the ASG‐QA into Arabic.

ANAQ SUP– Autorité nationale d’assurance qualité de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation- Is the main QA body of Senegal and has championed the establishmeng of  RAFANAQ – Réseau africain francophone des Agences nationales d’Assurance Qualité de l’Enseignement supérieur