HAQAA2 activities will contribute to implementing the different action lines of the Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Framework (PAQAF):

Part 1: Advancing quality culture in HEI 

  • Online promotion campaign for the AQRM/completion of the online survey (starting July 2020)
    • Verification visits offered to select African universities across the continent
    • Analysis of trends in institutional self-assessment
  • HAQAA Training Courses for four linguistic and regional cohorts of QA professionals at the HEI level: Courses will address the ASG‐QA, continental frameworks, evaluation/audit (First cohort commencing second semester 2020).
  • Regional and national dissemination projects, conducted by graduates. (Selected in second semester 2021).

Part 2: Enhancing capacities of quality assurance agencies to implement the ASG-QA and cross‐regional coordination is improved

  • Assessment of the pilot agency review methodology applied in HAQAA1 (July 2020)
  • 2 workshops to train QA agency staff on the ASG‐QA (evaluation and audit) and on self‐assessment and to train experts (from African QAA) in conducting agency reviews 
  • Selection of 10 agencies to receive agency reviews and 5 countries to receive consultancy visits (second semester 2020)
  • A Train‐the‐trainer training event for a select cohort of the HAQAA Training course graduates and QA agency staff (second semester 2022)

Part 3: Strengthening capacities of the AU in implementing the Pan‐African Quality  Assurance and  Accreditation Framework  (PAQAF)  

  • Technical Working Group to conduct a feasibility study and conduct consultations on the legal and logistical set‐up of the African Continental Accreditation Agency.
  • Task Force to develop a User’s Guide for the ASG‐ QA
  • HAQAA Communication Strategy involving strategic regional partners and the Advisory Board.
  • Organisation of events in conjunction with the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) higher education cluster and sub‐clusters, in five African regions, reinforcing synergies between HAQAA  outputs and CESA workplan.