HAQAA2 Policy Component

HAQAA2 initiatives funded through the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership supports the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) 2016-2025 of the African Union’s continental framework for enhancing educational development. CESA has 12 clusters, one of the clusters is Higher Education having sub clusters including quality assurance and harmonisation, ICT, curricula. HAQAA2 Policy component give impetus to framing policy based on reliable data.

  1. African Higher Education Policy Studies

Research and the publication of studies and papers linked closely to the CESA higher education cluster will be a core component comprising of the following:

    1. Comparative Regional Integration Study for higher education
    2. CESA Higher Education Paper Series
  1. Training and professional development for higher education policy

Both the Comparative Regional Integration Study and the CESA Higher Education Paper Series will feed into a training component that will comprise some Webinars, a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) and a Small Online Open Courses (SOOCs), able to be repeated and amended/supplemented. The content and orientation of these training activities will be organized in cooperation with the CESA HE Sub-Cluster coordinators.

  1. Enhanced African data collection for higher education

Proposed establishment of a Policy and Data Unit (PDU) Development Team, tasked with developing a work plan for the PDU for 2022-2025;

  1. CESA HE In Focus events

These are thematic CESA HE events on policy priorities that will contribute to supporting future adoption of data collection unit for the continent on African higher education. This serve both as a promotion function and a validation function for the results achieved under the Policy Component. The involvement of the CESA HE Cluster and strategic regional partners supports buy-in for a Policy and Data Unit (PDU)