First General Forum (on line) of ASAF – African Students and Alumni Forum

The First General Forum (on line) of ASAF – African Students and Alumni Forum –will take place on Saturday 10th April 2021 from 10.00 to 15.30 CEST. We are hoping to have both the EU and AU Commissioners participating and there will be around 250 participants. This event is not public but is restricted to invited participants.

ASAF is a platform involving former and current beneficiaries (alumni, students and university staff) of mobility scholarships supported by the European Union and the African Union under the following actions: Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ short term credit mobility, Intra-ACP and Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Schemes, African Union’s M. Nyerere Scholarships and Academic Mobility Programme. It is funded by the Pan-African Programme of the European Union and is implemented by the EU Commission in cooperation with the African Union Commission.

ASAF, which was created in 2019, provides a network for exchange, collaboration and capacity building. Its objectives are to contribute to the political dialogue between the European Union and the African Union and to Africa’s sustainable development; to enhance students and alumni participation in higher educational processes, to strengthen young people’s networking, innovation, leadership skills and skills for employability; and to pursue dialogue and cooperation with other stakeholder platforms.

ASAF is represented on the Advisory Board of HAQAA2 and one of their aims is to enhance students and alumni participation in educational processes. Therefore it is beneficial if the members of the HAQAA Ambassadors Network attend the forum to get acquainted with ASAF plans. This could facilitate further engagement afterwards.

Should there be any inconvenience or questions on your part, please do not hesitate to contact  .

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