Welcome to the HAQAA2 Training Course

“IQA-4-Africa – From Pan- African Policy to Practice”

Cohort 1

Welcome to the first “IQA-4-Africa – From Pan-African Policy to Practice” training course!

Within HAQAA2, DAAD will be responsible for the overall development and coordination of activities related to the training component on internal quality assurance (IQA), in conjunction with the strategic regional partners (IUCEA, CAMES, SARUA, CNAQ, NAQAAE). The course addresses quality assurance professionals in higher education and will be delivered fully online due to the present Covid-19 situation.

The content of the training takes continental and regional frameworks such as the ASG-QA as the starting point and deal with the opportunities and challenges to turn these into practice, taking note of different national and institutional environments and contexts.  The course shall be delivered in a blended-learning format, starting with two webinars, followed by a week‐long face-to-face seminar.

In cohort 1, people from the following countries will be participating on the training: Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone

1st Week of November 2020

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We kindly ask to do the following until 10th November:
– Introduce yourself to the participants here
– Get to know the trainers of the training course here as well

10th November 2020

Please join the DAAD for a short introduction of the online tool “ADOBE CONNECT” which will be used for the training course. We will answer all technical questions with regards to ADOBE CONNECT and the online platform.

We meet at 4 pm (EAT) / 1 pm (GMT) online. 

Please read our Technical Guidelines (on Adobe Connect) to make sure you are ready to attend the sessions. Click here to download the Technical Guidelines.  

Click here to download the agenda for this meeting

12th November 2020

Online-Seminar I

The first Online-Seminar will take place from 11 am – 6 pm (EAT) / 8 am – 3 pm (GMT) via Adobe Connect.

Download the entire training programme here!


To be best prepared for the second Online-Seminar we kindly ask you to have a look at the training material (in particular Screencasts)

Modul 1 – Policy Framework

Please note: the session on 17 November 2002 will be recorded! If you have not sent us your consent please do so. You received the documents on data policy via mail. You can also download it here and send it back to haqaa@daad.de via mail.  

17th November 2020

Online-Seminar II

The second Online-Seminar will take place from 11 am – 6 pm (EAT) / 8 am – 3 pm (GMT) via Adobe Connect. 

Find the agenda/programme here.

The recording is available now: Please click here!


Preparation for the Online-Training-Week
Please have a look at the training material for Modul 2-6

Moreover, we are looking forward to your input on challenges with regards to learning and teaching against the background of Covid19. Please share your input here.  

30th November – 4th December


daily from 11 am – 6 pm (EAT) / 8 am – 3 pm (GMT)

We will meet online! Please follow this link: https://daad.reflact.com/haqaaweek

SOCIAL EVENT TUESDAY EVENING: We will meet on Tuesday, 01 Dec 2020 for an Social Event at 6 pm GMT / 7 pm CET / 9 pm EAT via Zoom (Click here or check your mail to find the link). 

RECORDING of the TUESDAY SESSION with Prof. Tashmin Khamis is available here.


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Thank you very much!

The HAQAA2 Team