Call for application is now open!

10 existing QA agencies will be selected and 5 countries, via their ministries, will be selected for 1) a formal external review of the agency against the ASG‐QA and 2) a consultancy visit to support the development of the QA system and the set-up of an agency (in countries that do not yet have them). The review methodology developed in HAQAA1 will be employed.

Call for participation in reviews of QA agencies based upon the ASG-QA

We are pleased to announce that the call for participation in reviews of quality assurance agencies based upon the ASG-QA, as well as consultancy visits for other governing bodies of quality assurance in Africa are now open! The reviews are coordinated by the Harmonisation of African Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation (HAQAA) Initiative, funded by the European Union under the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership.

In order to continue the development and strengthening of external quality assurance in Africa, the second phase of the HAQAA Initiative (HAQAA2: 2020-2022) plans to coordinate a further ten reviews of established external quality assurance agencies and five consultancy visits to countries in which there is a newly established quality assurance agency or preparations are underway to set one up. The HAQAA2 implementing consortium is therefore pleased to launch this call for agencies and ministries to participate.

How to apply

Please find below the call document (in French and English), with full details, as well as the application form. 

For any additional information, please contact