The training was designed to help reviewers prepare for external agency reviews and consultancy visits in the framework of the HAQAA2 Initiative. Additional experts have also been invited to participate in the training for future visits and to increase the pool of experts.

The objective of the training was to familiarise the experts with the content, format and methodology of the review process. In addition, it provided the experts with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the ASG-QA and the broader policy context, in order to better contextualise the requirements of the pilot reviews at the continental level.

  • The first day of the training provided an introduction to the activities of the HAQAA2 pilot review and presented the reviewers’ experience of the HAQAA1 agency review and a consultancy visit.
  • The second day focused on the roles and responsibilities of the experts and consisted of a mix of presentations, case examples and group discussions.


Here you can find the material related to the training:

material for the breakout sessions

Here you can find the material related to the breakout sessions. Extracts from the SAR and ERR of the HAQAA1 agency review of ANAQ-Sup (Senegal) will be used:

Presentations in english

*The other PPTs will be translated and provided as soon as possible. 


*Les autres présentations seront traduites en français et mises ici aussitôt que possible.

Recordings of the presentations in English

Enregistrements des présentations en français